About Us

Two friends Liz and Katy began their journey together in august 2019. Both with 20 years’ experience in the fashion industry from retail Visual Merchandising through to design and buying, starting a venture together was something they dreamed about for years. Now was the time to take that leap of faith they could do something amazing together.
Throughout their careers, the girls have worked for many luxury brands so craftsmanship and sustainability is something they felt passionately about. From this concept THE HANGAR store was launched, and so it begins.
They wanted the modern woman to be able to shop more savvy, whilst still honouring a true sense of personal style. They encourage their consumers to shop differently, looking at quality of the product as an investment and how utilising and experimenting with their wardrobe by introducing staples and show-stopping outfits, can be a more sustainable way of shopping.
They believe clothes do not go out of fashion, style is how you wear something, not what you wear. 
Liz and Katy source products from post seasons and samples from an eclectic mix of brands, were possible UK brands. Harvesting meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the brands, a welcomed approach to take out of season products is met with a discount they are then able to pass onto the customer.
Registered business address: 16 Lawndale Drive, Worsely, M281EN,UK